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Local high school seniors awarded CHS Northern Plains scholarships

Five high school seniors from the CHS Northern Plains trade area have been named recipients $1000 scholarships.

“Our youth is the next generation of our rural communities, we’re proud to be able to support them and their future endeavors.” said Todd Oster, general manager.

The recipients of the 2020 CHS Northern Plains scholarships include:

Ty Buchholz, Fredonia, ND, son of Billy and Bari Buchholz
Hunter Eide, Gettysburg, SD, son of Shon and Gerri Eide
Jake Herr, Wishek, ND, son of Bruce and Stacey Herr
Amy Ingerson, Eureka, SD, daughter of Brian and Francie Ingerson
Chessa McDaniel, Lantry, SD, daughter of Donnie and Kimberly McDaniel

In order to be eligible for a CHS Northern Plains scholarship, applicants must be a high school senior from the CHS Northern Plains trade area. A parent or guardian must be a customer of CHS Northern Plains. We encourage but do not require the individual to be seeking a degree or certification in agricultural studies.  Full details can be found on our website,

The local CHS Northern Plains retail businesses deliver agronomy, energy, feed and grain products and services to North and South Dakota ag producers and other customers from eight locations, as part of CHS Inc., a leading global agribusiness owned by farmers, ranchers and cooperatives across the United States. Diversified in energy, agronomy, grains and foods, CHS is committed to helping its customers, farmer-owners and other stakeholders grow their businesses through its domestic and global operations. CHS supplies energy, crop nutrients, grain marketing services, animal feed, food and food ingredients along with financial and risk management services. The company operates petroleum refineries/pipelines and manufactures, markets and distributes Cenex® brand refined fuels, lubricants, propane and renewable energy products.

Freeing phosphorus: New ways to add crop nutrient availability

An innovative option makes broadcast crop nutrient applications more available.

Farmers wouldn’t be satisfied with just 20 percent weed control from a herbicide application, but that’s typically the best nutrient availability they can expect from dry phosphate fertilizer applications.

“Under the best soil conditions, only one-fifth of applied phosphorus may be available to the crop throughout the season,” says Steve Carlsen, Levesol and crop enhancement manager, CHS Agronomy. “Availability is even less when soil pH levels are too high or too low or in soils that contain too little organic matter.”


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