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Plot Data:

Finding the optimal seed that will perform in your specific soil type will drive success to your bottom line. The agronomy team at CHS River Plains is committed to ensuring you have the tools at hand to make those decisions. Each year we plant several plots within the trade area to test varieties and treatments to help drive success to your bottom line this season and for generations to come.

See comparison photos of varieties and trials in our Faulkton corn plot data, summer 2018 .

2017 Plot Data


For questions on the Ashley plot, please contact Brooke Graves at 605-230-9029 or

PDF – Ashley Plot 2017


For any questions on the Eureka plots, please contact Andrew Schneider at 605-216-2631 or

PDF -Eureka Plot 2017



For any questions on the Faulkton Plots, please contact Andrew Scholtz at 605-228-8163 or


PDF – Faulkton Plot 2017





For any questions on the Selby plots please contact Ross Keegan by cell, 605-769-4089 or email


PDF – Selby Plot Results 2017


2016 Plot Data

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